Dead Asleep 2021 Movie Review

Dead Asleep 2021 Movie Review

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There are a handful of true crime cases that are truly just too baffling to solve, and this might be one of them. Read on at your own risk — don’t say we didn’t warn you! Hulu‘s latest docuseries, Dead Asleep, unpacks a deadly sleepwalking incident between two friends. As the release date nears closer and closer, you’re going to want a little backstory going into this one. It’s a wild ride.

A little teaser of the events that occurred: two high school BFFs move to Florida together. They’re inseparable, and there’s nearly no bad blood between them. But things start to go downhill in one’s life. He starts drinking, picks up a few DUIs, and one day, ends up murdering his roommate in cold blood. But it wasn’t on purpose, he says — he was actually sleepwalking, because he would never kill his friend.

So, what happened in the Brooke Preston sleepwalking case? Let’s unpack the events of Dead Asleep — here’s everything you need to know.

Brooke Preston was found stabbed to death inside of her home in West Palm Beach, Florida in March 2017. According to Newswatch 16, Brooke had lived in the home with her pal, Randy Herman Jr. After growing up together in Pennsylvania and graduating from high school together, they flocked to Florida and moved in together.

One morning, Herman woke up after a nap to find blood all over their apartment — and himself. It was all over his hands, his body, and the floor. Preston had been killed. By him, it seems, as he was holding his own hunting knife that had been kept by his bedside table.

After trying to piece through the events, he went for a drive, but didn’t make if very far before confessing to the crime. “Someone’s been murdered,” Herman said as he called 911. “Just send the police. It was me. I’m sorry.”

Did Randy Herman Jr. murder Brooke Preston? Where is Randy Herman Jr. now?
Here’s where things get a little dicey, and that’s what the Hulu doc plans to unpack. Herman claims to have been sleepwalking, as he had no real motive for killing Preston. His lawyers put up an insanity defense, arguing that he had been sleepwalking. He had a history of it, too.

Still, in May 2019, a jury convicted Herman for the murder of Preston. He is currently serving a live sentence in prison in Florida.

When will Dead Asleep be on Hulu? How to watch Dead Asleep:
Dead Asleep will release next Thursday, Dec. 16. You can stream it with any subscription to Hulu. The lowest tier for a Hulu subscription is ad-supported and will run you $6.99/month, or you can snag an ad-free version for just a bit more at $9.99/month.

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