Dark windows 2023 movie review

REinvent will debut its first footage in the Cannes promotional reel.

The narrative revolves around four teenagers entangled in a car accident. Tragically, one of them loses their life. As blame for the death falls on the others, they make a collective decision to escape the scrutiny by retreating to a summerhouse nestled in the serene American countryside. Their intention is to grapple with their grief away from prying eyes. However, their respite takes a harrowing turn as a masked figure emerges, unleashing terror upon them.

SF Studios will oversee distribution in the Nordics.

Annie Hamilton (known for roles in “The Wolf of Snow Hollow” and “Inventing Anna”), Anna Bullard, Rory Alexander, Joel Saemundsson, and Morten Holst comprise the ensemble cast.

Renowned Norwegian director Herron, previously at the helm of 2021’s “Leave,” is at the directorial helm once again. He expressed, “I am intrigued by delving into the decisions that young individuals make and the repercussions stemming from those choices. ‘Dark Windows’ delves into Tilly and her friends’ catastrophic decision-making, leading them down a path of extreme consequences.”

The production team features Herron, John Clark, Dave Kang, and Jens Ramborg representing Element Film.

Directed and co-produced by Alex Herron, the screenplay crafted by Ulvrik Kraft [pseudonym: Wolf Kraft]. Producing credits include Kim Berg, John G. Clark, David Kang, and Jens Ramborg.

The motion picture, a collaboration between Element Film and David Kang Productions, showcases Annie Hamilton, Rory Alexander, Morten Holst, Rachel Fowler, Anna Bullard, Vanessa Borgli, Jóel Sæmundsson, J.P. Wohl, and Grace Binford Sheene.

Synopsis: Tilly, Monica, Peter, and Allison, a group of adolescents, face a life-altering car crash. Tragically, Allison succumbs to her injuries. The group faces blame and accusations from Allison’s uncle during her memorial service. Seeking solace and a respite from the aftermath, Monica suggests they retreat to her grandparents’ rural summerhouse. Amid the picturesque setting, tranquility rapidly dissolves as a mysterious masked antagonist emerges, inflicting unspeakable horrors upon them.


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