Dark Gathering 2023 tv series trailer

As of the current writing, there hasn’t been an official renewal for a second season of Dark Gathering. OLM Studios typically considers various factors, including initial viewership, fan response, and manga sales, before deciding on the fate of a show. The process of renewals or cancellations can vary, sometimes occurring swiftly or taking months to finalize.

Dark Gathering has garnered a positive reception from both audiences and critics, who appreciate its satisfying animation, eerie yet lighthearted atmosphere, and compelling cast. The series holds potential for a sequel, especially considering its setup. The storyline hints at the continuation of Yayoi and her comrades’ pursuit of Graduates across the country, leading to a climactic battle with Ai’s godly spirit.

While there’s no official confirmation or details about a second season, the optimistic outlook suggests that Dark Gathering may indeed be renewed. Future updates on the show’s status will be provided as more information becomes available in the coming weeks and months.

At this point, specifics about Season 2 remain unknown as Netflix has not given the green light for a sequel. Once the animation studio officially announces another season, viewers can anticipate a continuation of the exploration into our heroes’ efforts in collecting spirits and dealing with Graduates. The decision to green-light another season ultimately rests with OLM Studios, and given the positive online reception, there is a hopeful prediction for renewal. As further details emerge, this page will be updated accordingly.


By acinetv