Casamento às Cegas: Brasil 2021 Netflix Reality Show

Casamento às Cegas: Brasil 2021 Netflix Reality Show


On the air on Netflix since October 6th, “Casamento à Cegas Brasil” is getting ready to unravel the final mysteries and deliver which couples really went up to the altar after their experience in the reality show . The last episodes will be released next Wednesday (20), but Splash — after talking to people involved in the show, who preferred not to be identified — anticipates situations that will certainly not be revealed in the season.

The main mystery behind the scenes is why five other couples, who also fell in love, recorded the long-awaited meeting and proposed their marriage, not having their stories shown or the chance to go to the “honeymoon”. There is talk of an “editorial choice” by couples that could generate more engagement with the public.

The couples not “approved” are: Anna Arraes and Bruno Brych, Pamella Sousa and Gustavo Mester, Ana Gaudêncio and Alexis Martinho, Aline Moraes and Diego Pasquini, and Priscila Pitman and Victor Varella.

The reality’s participants, however, already knew that they were running the risk of not having their stories told when they signed the contract. What remained unanswered were the production criteria to define which stories should or should not be followed in the program. They recorded the “encounter” with their partners and returned to the hotel they were confined to. Only those approved went to the “honeymoon”.

On social networks, some of the failed participants made it clear that they had also found their partner. Aline Moraes, for example, posted a photo with Diego Pasquini, delivering the lived romance. “We don’t know why our story, like many others, isn’t shown,” he wrote.

On a fan page for the show, Alexis Martinho answered a question in the comments, showing indignation at being cut out of the edit. When asked why his story was not told, he wrote, “There’s a question I’d also like answered. You’d love our story.”

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