Breaking boundaries: “The science of our planet” review – A heads up

Breaking boundaries: “The science of our planet” review – A heads up

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If you think about the end of the world, how will it go? Is it because of global warming? Or is it because of an alien invasion? Nobody knows. But here’s a hit that gives you a hint on certain thresholds that our planet has. It’s the need of the hour. The audience needs to open their eyes and look beyond their personal well-being. It’s the whole planet that needs to be saved. If you have seen something related previously, believe us, it’s not the same. 

The Story

The nine thresholds that breaking boundaries covers include burning of the Australian rainforest, melting of the polar icecaps, deforestation of the Amazon and a few more. It also included how Covid might take over our ecosystem and make it so sick that humans would be unable to survive. One might see the point of the creator. Since humans have harmed the earth in more than one way, it has been a long time coming. One had to address certain issues to bring attention towards them. The movie does it very well.

However, as a critique, we think that the movie doesn’t dig deep into these topics. It becomes difficult to have any emotional connection for someone who hasn’t had their eyes open till now. 

We loved the metaphors used in the movie. Like global warming was depicted as a train without brakes going down the hill. This creates an image and almost forces the audience to act upon it. 

The bottom line 

The director John Clay has made it a point to target the limited attention span of the audience. The movements were quite on your face and less detailed as one in our generation might understand.

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