Blue Beetle 2023 movie review

Enthusiasts and influencers are sharing their thoughts via tweets about the latest superhero release, and the prevailing consensus can be summarized as follows: Blue Beetle stands out as an unexpectedly strong superhero origin narrative, featuring a remarkable performance by Xolo Maridueña (known for Cobra Kai), and it’s infused with a heartfelt blend of humor, emotion, and a genuine celebration of Latin culture.

In the recent cinematic creation directed by Angel Manuel Soto, Xolo Maridueña takes on the role of Jaime Reyes, a character who gains a suit of superpowered armor through a fateful encounter with an extraterrestrial scarab. This film marks DC’s inaugural venture into spotlighting a Latino superhero and represents one of the last projects from DC’s previous creative leadership before the reins were passed to James Gunn and Peter Safran (although the release of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is still on the horizon for December). With this endeavor, DC is undoubtedly aiming to reinvigorate the superhero genre and achieve greater success than the recent letdown presented by The Flash.

The official depiction of the film’s premise is as follows: “Jaime Reyes, a recent college graduate, returns home brimming with aspirations for his future. His journey to discover his purpose takes an unexpected turn when he stumbles upon an ancient relic of alien origin: the Scarab. When the Scarab unexpectedly designates Jaime as its symbiotic host, he becomes endowed with an extraordinary suit of armor, granting him unpredictable yet incredible abilities. This transformative event forever alters his destiny as he assumes the mantle of the superhero known as BLUE.”

Initially slated for release on HBO Max during a period when DC was planning a series of movies for the streaming platform (which has since been rebranded as Max), Blue Beetle has taken a different path.

During an episode of the Inside of You With Michael Rosenbaum podcast, Gunn confirmed that Blue Beetle is “the first DC Universe character” and that the honor of “first full DC Universe movie” belongs to Superman.

Maridueña expressed last year: “The familial element inherent in the comics makes this movie and character truly special. The sense of family we’ve managed to create within the movie — the mother, father, uncle, sister, and grandmother — adds an unexplored dimension to the superhero narrative.”

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