Bloodhounds 2023 tv series review

The Korean drama world has been abuzz with brilliant titles in 2023 so far. For instance, shows such as The Good Bad Mother which was released in May, and the big release in January titled Crash Course In Romance, have solidified the position of K-dramas as mainstream entertainment like many other compelling shows in the past. While May gave audiences a slew of fascinating shows like My Perfect Stranger, the new roster of K-dramas to be aired in June promises hilarity, suspense as well as romance.

The upcoming month sees the premiere of Netflix’s long-awaited noir drama, Bloodhounds, starring Woo Do-Hwan, who’s known for the fantasy-fiction series, The King: Eternal Monarch (2020).

The romantic comedy, Heartbeat, with K-pop band 2PM’s Taecyeon as the vampire-human protagonist, too, awaits its release on screen amid massive fan fervour.

Meanwhile, Actor Lim Ji-Yeon, who received global praise for her role as Park Yeon-Jin in The Glory (2022), is all set to spread her magic once again with the crime drama titled House with a Yard.

Synopsis: Two young boxers, Gun-Woo (Woo) and Woo-Jin (Lee), team up with moneylender Choi (Heo) to bring down an evil loan shark, Myung-Gil (Park). However, the pursuit of Myung-Gil leads the boxers to the corrupt world of private loans and they end up being caught in a web of lies and deceit.


By acinetv