Bitchin: The Sound and Fury Of Rick James –3 September, 2021- Good Documentary

Bitchin: The Sound and Fury Of Rick James –3 September, 2021- Good Documentary

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Many good documentary movies have come up. But there is some documentary that has a very unique concept and is a very touching story. One such documentary that you will come across is Bitchin: The Sound and fury of Rick James. It is one of the best stories that anyone would have ever seen. It is a struggling life story of rick and later his addiction to drugs. He worked very hard to create a good career and he was also successful in making one. But what happens, in the end, is a sad story. In the end, the drugs consume him. 

About the Movie 

Plus, one more thing you will note in the movie is that is unable to handle all that he created i.e. a successful career. His complicated and also sometimes rebellious soul has been revealed in this movie. It is a standard musician documentary. Apart from that, you can also get to witness the sounds of ‘Mary Jane’ and ‘Super Freak’. Plus, most of the faces that you will get to see in this documentary are something that can be recognized easily. The story bitchin is about James’ relationship and apart from that the impact of that relationship on his life and in his career etc. 

Good Documentary 

So, overall this is a good documentary to watch. The movie also starts with James’ daughter driving and listening to the music records of his father. She pulls near a warehouse that has the belongings of her father and she has not been there since 2004 and this gives her deep pain. Also, the memory of him is very painful for her to bear. So, this documentary showcases everything that’s needed in a movie. It’s about a daughter missing her father, it’s about a singer and his career than his relationship, and so much more. Then, there are also journalists in the movie who have been thinking about James’ life for years. It is a good documentary to watch with family. There are many appreciations that this movie has received. There could be hardly any criticism that you can find about this movie. 

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