Barracuda Queens 2023 tv series review

Amanda Adolfsson directed Barracuda Queens, a Netflix series inspired by the story of four girls from an affluent neighborhood in Stockholm who, due to life circumstances, exceed their income and have to resort to more imaginative (and criminal) ways of paying off their debts.

The Plot
Barracuda Queens follows the misadventures of four teenage girls who live in a wealthy Stockholm neighborhood. The girls turn to a life of crime to pay off their debts, robbing luxury apartments by night. However, they soon realize that their plans are complicated by a mysterious stranger who takes an interest in them and threatens to reveal their secret. The series’ narrative structure is well-crafted, with every episode building on the previous one, leading to a thrilling finale.

Cinematography and Soundtrack:
This five-episode Swedish comedic thriller with a disco rhythm takes us into the world of Swedish bourgeoisie and, almost in a TV movie format, provides a more frivolous and comedic rather than realistic social portrayal. However, at times, it manages to be amusing, mainly due to the four likable protagonists and the recognizable disco tunes that make this frivolity a guilty pleasure.

Barracuda Queens is somewhat anecdotal and almost like a European teenage comedy that, without leaving a lasting impression, will provide some entertainment. It has a resemblance to Desperate Housewives in terms of script structure and cinematic treatment, although it lacks the same level of humor in dialogues and situations. Nevertheless, it remains a good and attractive mix of thriller and comedy.

Barracuda Queens has received mixed reviews since its release on Netflix. While some critics have praised the series for its entertaining plot and unique characters, others argue that the show lacks depth and struggles to balance humor with thrills. Regardless, the series has been praised for its fun and lighthearted exploration of teenage misadventures.


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