Asterix & Obelix

Directed by Guillaume Canet, this live-action comedy family movie tells the story of a daughter of a Chinese emperor who escapes and seeks help from the Gauls and two brave warriors by the names of Asterix and Obelix.

The characters are based on the classic cartoon comic strip and books that have sold nearly 400 million copies and first came to light in 1959.

Canet alongside Gilles Lellouche, Vincent Cassel, Jonathan Cohen, and Marion Cotillard star.

The movie also features a cameo from football (soccer) legend Zlatan Ibrahimovic who was also recently featured in Netflix’s animated feature film, The Soccer Football Movie.

When it was released theatrically in France in February 2023, the movie didn’t exactly set the world on fire given it currently holds a 2.4 score on Allocine from critics and 1.9 from audiences. On IMDb, the movie holds a 4.9 out of 10 with 2.5k reviews.

Despite the reviews, the movie reportedly went onto open strong in French theaters.

Netflix first boarded the rights back in April 2021 with plans to release the movie later. Among the regions set to carry the movie include the United States and the United Kingdom.

It’ll be available with the original French audio plus dubs for English, Spanish, and Brazillian Portuguese. Multiple subtitle options, including English, will also be available. The movie is rated 12 in the UK and TV-PG in the US.

Notably, the following countries are unlikely to carry the movie: France, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Greece, and the Baltics, as other distributors own the rights there.

Home Reviews ‘ASTERIX AUR OBELIX’ (DUBBED) REVIEW | 12 May, 2023
By Film Information -May 12, 2023

Les Editions Albert Réné, Les Enfants Terribles, Pathé Films and Les Productions des Trésor’s Asterix Aur Obelix (dubbed from the French film Asterix & Obelix: The Middle Kingdom) is an action adventure family comedy.

Chinese princess Fu-Yi (Julie Chen), the only daughter of the Chinese empress (Linh-Dan Pham), escapes from a rogue prince, Deng Tsin Qin (Bun Hay Mean), and flees to Gaul. She seeks help from Asterix (Guillaume Canet) and Obelix (Gilles Lellouche), who are bestowed with super-human strength because of their magic potion. Asterix and Obelix, therefore, travel to imperial China for the first time, to help Fu-Yi.

The original story is based on a script by Philippe Mechelen and Julien Hervé. It is the first live-action Asterix film not based on any of the Asterix comic albums. The story and screenplay are written like a fairy tale. Although the drama is engaging, it holds very limited appeal for the Hindi-speaking audience for two reasons: firstly, because it has a fairy-tale-like feel to it, and secondly, because the Asterix comic albums have limited appeal for the target audience. The comedy is subtle rather than slapstick or even underlined.

Guillaume Canet acts ably as Asterix. Gilles Lellouche is endearing as Obelix. Vincent Cassel lends decent support as Julius Caesar. Marion Cotillard is alright as Cleopatra. Julie Chen impresses an princess Fu Yi. Linh-Dan Pham has her moments as the empress of China. Jason Chicandier (as Unhygienix) makes his mark. Jonathan Cohen (as Grandemais) is nice. Ramzy Bedia (as Epidemais) is effective. Leanna Chea (as Tat Han) is excellent. José Garcia (as Biopix), Bun Hay Mean (as Deng Tsin Qin), Manu Payet (as Ri Qi Qi), Tran Vu Tran (as prince De Deng), Pierre Richard (as Getafix), Zlatan Ibrahimović (as Antivirus), Philippe Katerine (as Cacofonix), Jérôme Commandeur (as Vitalstatistix), Angéle (as Panacea), Matthieu Chedid (as Remix) and Florent Manaudou (as Tabascos) provide good support.

Guillaume Canet’s direction is nice. Matthieu Chedid’s music is okay. André Chemetoff’s cinematography is lovely. Stunts are entertaining. Production designing (by Aline Bonetto and Mathieu Junot) is very good. Editing is sharp. Dubbing is average.


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