Andy Somebody 2023 movie review

We are thrilled to present a new clip from the upcoming film Andy Somebody, which will release on VOD later this month. The action comedy movie centers around the titular Andy, an accountant who flees across the country after stealing from his corrupt boss. The movie is one of the first projects for Jeremy M. Evans and Leslie Wong, starring alongside Jonathon Buckley and Jacob Bruce, who have played guest roles in shows like Mr. Mayor and Key and Peele respectively.

Although Andy begins the film as a depressed accountant living in Chicago, things quickly heat up for the protagonist after he decided to steal three million dollars from his boss, a plastic surgeon whom he suspects is tied to some shady pharmaceutical dealings. After the heist, Andy flees to Los Angeles to begin a new life, but finds that his boss has sent people after him to recover the money who are hot on his tail. Along the way, he’ll discover new allies as he fights to stay alive and fulfill a promise he made to his dying father in the new action-comedy movie.

exclusive clip takes place after Andy’s gone on the run as he checks into the fairly-shady Old West Motel. The standout interaction from the clip is between Andy and motel clerk Mel, who acts much differently than a typical front desk employee, decrying the need for Andy to fill out any paperwork and then proceeding to take a shot of alcohol with him. Andy then asks Mel about her screenplay that’s sitting on the counter, to which she playfully replies, “guns,” while sticking a revolver against his nose.

From the upcoming John Cena-led Killer Vacation to popular recent releases like Cocaine Bear, the action-comedy genre has seen a recent uptick in popularity. Andy Somebody looks to be following that trend with its own unique spin, with elements of a heist movie and a rag-tag group of allies that all bring strong personalities to the table. Viewers will be able to see everything Andy Somebody has to offer when it releases later this month.


By acinetv