All Fun and Games

The horror genre has maintained a long-standing fascination with witches, with the Salem events intriguing both enthusiasts and historians due to the blend of atrocities and demonic worship. Capitalizing on this historical backdrop, Eren Celeboglu and Ari Costa created an original narrative in “All Fun and Games.”

The cast features Natalia Dyer (known for her role in “Stranger Things”), Asa Butterfield (from “Sex Education”), Benjamin Evan Ainsworth (of “Pinocchio” fame), Laurel Marsden (featured in “Ms. Marvel”), Kolton Stewart (from “Locke & Key”), and Annabeth Gish (known for “Midnight Mass”). The film’s direction and screenplay were a collaboration between Celeboglu and Costa, joined by J.J. Braider for additional writing credits.

The film’s premise is described as follows:

A production by Russo Brothers’ ABGO, starring Natalia Dyer and Asa Butterfield, “All Fun and Games” delves into the inherent cruelty within children’s games—such as Flashlight Tag, Hangman, and Hide & Seek—and explores the consequences when these games take a sinister turn. When a group of teenagers stumbles upon a cursed knife in the woods, they inadvertently unleash a malevolent demon. The demon relentlessly pursues them, leaving a trail of terror and forcing them into a terrifying deathmatch to save their lives and souls.

Gig Patta from LRM Online interviewed directors and writers Eren Celeboglu and Ari Costa about this chilling project. The discussion covered topics such as the alternative setting to Salem, the portrayal of children in horror films, the exploration of kids’ games, and the eerie atmosphere of the imposing mansion.

Eren Celeboglu’s background includes directing short films and TV episodes, and “All Fun and Games” marks his debut as a feature film director. His portfolio boasts short films like “The Bride” and “The Internet Kills,” along with directing episodes for the comedy series “Scrubs” and its spin-off “Scrubs: Interns.”

Ari Costa has been closely associated with Joe and Anthony Russo since 2010, serving in various roles. His credits include being an associate producer for “Captain America: Civil War,” “Avengers: Infinity War,” and “Avengers: Endgame.” He has also directed multiple short films, including “The Internet Kills” and “The Bride,” both in collaboration with Celeboglu.


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