A Safari Romance 2023 Movie trailer

Hallmark is gearing up to deliver a fresh dose of romance for the summer season with the announcement of their upcoming movie, “A Safari Romance.” Penned by Agnes Bristow, the film boasts a cast featuring Andrew Walker, Brittany Bristow, and SimonĂ© Pretorius. Scheduled for its premiere in August, the movie will take center stage as part of Hallmark’s coveted Summer Nights programming lineup.

According to Hallmark’s description, the narrative revolves around Megan (played by Bristow), a devoted research scientist pursuing her Ph.D. in Ethology in the captivating landscapes of South Africa. While she also works as a ranger at a nature reserve, her life takes an unexpected turn when Tim (portrayed by Walker), an innovative American theme park designer, arrives with plans to capture footage for an immersive safari-themed attraction. Megan assumes the role of his guide during their explorations of the savanna, where they witness the beauty of giraffes, elephants, and lions in their natural habitats. The intimacy of their encounters sparks heartfelt conversations about their aspirations, drawing them closer together.

However, their burgeoning connection faces challenges when Amy (enacted by Pretorius), a woman from Tim’s past, enters the scene and assumes control of the project. Amy’s disregard for rules puts Megan’s job in jeopardy, and her presence threatens the developing romance between Megan and Tim. Megan, cognizant of Tim’s impending return to his home country, grapples with the idea of investing her heart in someone living so far away. Nonetheless, she might discover that the journey of love is an adventure worth embarking upon.

“A Safari Romance” is brought to life through the collaboration of Leif Films Media and RHP International. The production boasts a team of accomplished individuals including producers Borga Dorter, Agnes Bristow, and Luke Rous. A slew of talented individuals also serve as executive producers, including Stephen Hays, Peter Graham, Rick Garman, Michael McLaughlin, Josh Rous, and Meren Reddy. Notably, Leif Bristow fulfills the roles of both an executive producer and the director of the film.

If you’re eager to experience the magic of “A Safari Romance,” mark your calendars for its debut in the United States on Saturday, August 12th. The enchanting tale will grace the Hallmark Channel at 8pm ET/PT, promising an evening of captivating love and adventure.


By acinetv