A Romantic Story that has Strong Connections: Scenes from Marriage 2021 Tv Series

A Romantic Story that has Strong Connections: Scenes from Marriage 2021 Tv Series

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Many movies have good charisma and the chemistry between the characters is shown quite well. One such movie that you will like to watch is, ‘Scenes from marriage’. One of the things that you will get to see in this movie is that it has a good story. However, for some people, the story will be a plain story that is about love. Initially, the characters begin their life very nicely, all goes well, and then all of sudden the female character wants to leave the marriage and go away. It is mainly because she made a discovery about her husband that the husband has accepted. 

About the Movie 

There is also a child in the movie which is the child of Johan and Marrianne. And one of the things that are common in the movie is about the affair of Johan. So, the movie goes like this and there is a breakup and they are likely to have a divorce. But soon they realize that there is some connection, but again even that doesn’t work out. To know more you should watch the movie. 

People’s View 

Apart from that as per people’s view, they want to see some movies that have a good story and a good ending. If the connection was there between them, then why did they show that it doesn’t work? They could have reunited in the end. The story could have been made even better if there wouldn’t have been a third person, and there would have been some strong connection.. 

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