A Quiet Movie to Watch with Your Family – The Starling  2021

A Quiet Movie to Watch with Your Family – The Starling 2021

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If you like to watch movies that are just calm and have a story about the daily life of people or about the lives of two people and their struggle, then you should watch, ‘The Starling’. It is a beautiful movie about two people trying to struggle with their life after the loss (of their baby, most probably) and trying to move forward. One of the best parts of the movie that you will see is that no matter what the situation, the husband refuses to quit living with his wife. This shows the bonding. This movie will be released mostly on 24 Sep 2021 on Netflix. 

About the Movie 

After the loss, Lily battles with the birds who try to take to take dominion over her garden. She also suffers from depression, but soon after that, she is able to get healed in her relationship and also is able to love. In this movie you will find, drama, fantasy, and comedy. Theodore Melfi is the director of the movie. It is indeed a good movie to watch. If you are a person who is taking a break from movies and want to watch some peaceful movies that do not have any war, crime, hate, violence or too much action film, then you should see the movie, ‘starling’.

Characters of the Movie 

The main characters of the movie are – Chris O’Dowd, Daveed Diggs, Elisabeth Röhm, Emily Tremaine, Kevin Kline, Laura Harrier, Loretta Devine, Melissa McCarthy, Skyler Gisondo, Timothy Olyphant, Veronica Falcón. Some of them have played extraordinary roles, which you can watch in the movie like emotions, display of feelings, etc. 

The Starling 2021 Trailer

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